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Thanks he is there now and couldn’t be more delighted to see his pals. You are awesome Jane. Don’t know what we would do without the cottage.




Molly’s face looks beautiful. If the blueberry facial has such good results, perhaps I should have one also.

Regards, Eileen

We want you to know how thrilled we are with Winston’s Hair Cut Mary gave him last week. It is without a doubt the THE BEST he has ever had in his 10 years. We promise to keep up her good work and bring Winston in for a trim in 6-8 weeks.


Carol P.


Hello Jane,

I wanted to thank you for taking our dog, Tootsie at such short notice last month. You were terrific with her and we truly appreciate it. She came back to us a very happy and calm dog and we really felt like she was in great hands with you while we were away. I was really worried about the open boarding concept with her temperament, but you handled things beautifully!

Thanks again!

The Peno’s – Pete, Eileen, Alex & Olivia & Tootsie (of course 🙂

Anyone who owns a small dog should know about the Cottage Small Dog Daycare! Here is a place where I leave my dog and she is not put in a cage and ignored all day. She roams around the very sweet cottage with other little dogs and has access to a nice outdoor area. The price is extremely reasonable and everything is included. You don’t have to pay extra for every little thing like a 5 minute walk, group play, doggie treat, nice bed….the whole thing is nice and the dogs must feel like they are staying with a friend. If your dog has little quirks, you tell Jane and she works with that. It is not a huge operation so she can be very attentive. My Lhasa is always is excited to enter the cottage and when I pick her up, she seems happy, calm and not overfed and nervous I tell everyone about the Small Dog Cottage. It is the BEST place to leave your dog!”

Janet R.
Newtown Square, PA

“A big warm thank you from both of us (and Daphne and Mr. Big). We were so happy to place them at The Cottage during our vacation and know that they would be able to socialize, exercise and well supervised during their stay.

We could not think of leaving the things most precious to us locked in a traditional kennel facility. We also loved getting to see our dogs on video and pictures daily via Facebook while we were away. It comforted us to know they were having fun while Mom and Dad were away having fun in the sun. Happy Holidays.”

Kelly and Kelly, Boothwyn, PA

“Thanks again too for taking such good care of Snickers. I felt so good being away and knowing she was in such good hands (and not at some big “pet hotel” or boarding place sitting in a cage for two straight days). I just love how they can be out playing the whole time. I keep telling people about you and your place almost every day!!”

Take care.

“My dog Ziggy is 5 years old and has only ever stayed with family and friends when I have had to travel for work. I don’t have children yet so he is my baby and I will do pretty much anything to make sure he is well taken care of and happy. I never considered having him stay at a kennel before because he a social dog and I didn’t like the idea of him being in a crate for the majority of the time or having limited interaction with people and other dogs. However, when I heard about Jane and the Cottage Small Dog Daycare, I knew that this was the furthest thing from traditional kennels. Ziggy was able to be around Jane all day as well as the other dogs who were there in a safe play setting inside while also getting plenty of outdoor time. The only time he was ever in his crate was at night to sleep. He barely noticed me leave when I dropped him off on the first day because he was having such a great time playing with another dog. When I picked him, I could tell by how tired he was that he played a lot and had a fantastic time. Jane was great about being accessible so that I could call and receive updates and she seemed to genuinely enjoy Ziggy, which meant a lot to me. She went above and beyond to make sure he was well taken care of. I trusted her and would recommend her services to anyone who adores their dog and wants him/her to be well taken care of and to have fun while you are away. Next time I need to travel, I will gladly call Jane.”

All the best,

“The Halloween party sounds like fun! The kids and I hope to stop by with Schatzie. He has been so much more “social” with other dogs since his stay with you. I have put the word out about how much we loved your place!”